Tech Works offers and services a Star2Star VoIP phone system. Star2Star is a complete unified communications voice over IP phone system.

How We Improve Business Communications With Cloud-Based Phone Systems

  • We deliver a complete end-to-end communications solution that combines best-in-class hardware with a suite of high-reliability cloud-based voice services
  • We streamline and improve communications while saving our customers up to 50% on communications costs
  • Our state-of-the-art Constellation Network connects calls with higher quality and at lower cost than competing systems
  • By combining voice and data traffic over a single IP network, we reduce the need for separate voice and data cabling in most installations

Where We’re Installed

Star2Star systems are installed in tens of thousands of businesses and in many large national retail and restaurant chains. Customer retention rate of 99.85% is the highest of any provider in the industry. Star2Star nationwide network of installation partners stands ready to deploy customer solutions on any scale.

What Makes Us The Better Choice for Cloud Based Phone Systems

All other IP-based voice solutions are either at the local premise (the PBX) or exclusively in the cloud (the hosted approach). There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. Star2Star’s Blended Architecture delivers the benefits of both on-premise and hosted solutions, while resolving their respective problems. Our award-winning, patent-pending cloud architecture overcomes the quality limitations of other technologies, guaranteeing 99.999% reliability.

Star2Star is the most complete, dependable, fail-proof, and valuable communications solution you can find. The entire system is self-monitoring, extremely flexible, and easy-to-use, but still provides all of the advanced features and cost savings you expect from a unified communications solution.